Opening hours at Bergskrogen

Valid from December 25, 2016

Sunday - Wednesday 10am* - 10pm (latest arrival time 7.30pm)
Thursday - Saturday 10am* - 11pm (latest arrival time 7.30pm)

Of course we keep open longer if our seated guests wish so.
*When we have residents at the hotel we open for breakfast at 7.30am


Monday to Sunday 7.30am* – 9.30am

Price: 125 SEK

*When there are guests at the hotel


Monday to Sunday 11am - 2pm

Daily we serve lunch buffets with fish, meat and vegetarian, including coffee and biscuits.

Lunch: 125 SEK
Take-away: 80 SEK
Children 0-6 years: 55 SEK
Children 7-12 years: 75 SEK


Monday to Sunday 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Between the opening hours we serve basic bistro food.


Monday to Sunday 5pm - 7.30pm (latest arrival time 7.30pm)

Dinner is served as four different buffets. Starters, main dishes, desserts and children's buffet.

Every Thursday and Sunday: Pizza buffet

Starters, Main Course and Dessert Buffet: 350 SEK
Main Course & Starter or Dessert Buffet: 300 SEK
Main Course buffet: 245 SEK

Pizza buffet, Thursdays and Sundays: 145 SEK

Children's buffet with Dessert
0-6 years:
70 SEK
7-12 years: 95 SEK

Every evening we serve soup, bread, salad, cold cuts and cheese, as well as the evening's starter. The main course consists of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Cheese buffet, mixed sweets and evening dessert.