The hotel is open!

Rain poured down over the slopes the entire morning, but when Bergshotellet in Järvsö opened for business at 3pm, the sun shone brightly. Pelle and Kina popped open the champagne in the bar and the entire place smelled of linseed oil and wood. Guests started to stream in from the large sunny terrace, full of expectation. Inside they were welcomed by Andreas Bucht who had every reason to be satisfied. Everything was ready.
The buffet was served up in the open kitchen and tempted guests with freshly baked bread and the wonderful smells of France, Italy and Hälsingland. Pär Johansson the restaurateur described what the all the staff members were thinking.
“This has been a lot of work for a fairly long period, but now everything is done and I just want to open up. It’s wonderful to see all these happy people here,” he said.
The people of Järvsö were there and really made the most of being in “their” hotel; many had booked for the afternoon mingle, three-course dinner and a night’s stay. Sitting nice and relaxed on the terrace Marie Plomér enjoyed her drink, the company and the atmosphere.
“The most fantastic thing about the hotel is that it provides job opportunities for the younger people in the town. A lot of new people will find their way to Järvsö now,” she said.
The hotel is open. Everything is ready. Welcome!

Olle Larsson, Dick Helander, Peter Augustsson, Lars Öhman and Anders Bucht – the men that made it happen..​